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Originally Posted by cassb View Post
OK, now I'm confused.
1. All I have to do is plug the battery into the ESC with the throttle at 100%?

2. I have a second issue, but not directly related to Sky Surfer. Maybe you can just PM me the answer. The DX7 radio and AR6100E receiver I just got -- I can bind them with the bind plug in the BAT slot of the RX, and turn on the TX with the bind button pushed in. But if I disconnect the ESC battery or turn off the TX, then the bind is lost and I have to do it again. Am I doing something wrong? I'm using the Model 1 program, which is what comes up when you turn on the TX, so shouldn't it already 'know' the receiver it was bound to?

1. Ok. To make sure we are all on the same page, please repeat your question again.
2. Yes. Absolutely. If you have to rebind your receiver every time you use it, something is very wrong. Usually, you only bind a receiver to an xmitter once. It should hold the bind forever. Call for service.
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