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Originally Posted by Jaydawgx7 View Post
I tried searching for this, but couldn't find my answer.

My walkera mini cp seems to flip and roll way too slowly. I've watched many youtube videos and it just seems like other peoples' CPs flip much quicker than mine. I know Manuel is a genius at the sticks, but mine doesn't even come close to how quickly his flips in his stock living room video. When I try to flip indoors, the 8 foot ceilings are just barely enough room (I'd say it takes a good 2 seconds to get inverted).

I have tried adjusting the gyro settings on the RX from nearly off to the point it acts like a coax. I have also tried setting my D/R max to 125% for AILE and ELEV.

Does anyone else have any ideas?

More info:
The heli is one day old, so head speed should be at its max for being stock.
Using the Devo 8s TX
Check Tom Z's sticky for the Mini CP set-ups. He shows Manuel's settings for a stock brushed Mini. With that said, my best flips are happening with default pitch settings from the manual, though those flips are being done outside. You're brave with 8-foot ceilings.

BTW, I'm originally from Naperville.
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