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Originally Posted by RFJ View Post
Balsa of 6 lb/ cu ft or less is generally considered "light"

Absolutely Ray - it could be also considered pretty b****y rare!! Back in the days when there were a few model shops and they used to stock, and sell, reasonable quanitities of balsa, I was in the habit of taking my pocket scales with me whenever I visited one, working my way through all the stock, especially the 1/16" sheet and buying anything reasonable on the spot. This got some old-fashioned looks from the other customers, but was much more efficient than waiting until you needed timber for a particular build. However, even in those days, 6 lb/cubic foot stuff was pretty thin on the ground and I was happy to settle for anything in the 8/10 pound area. I am therefore somewhat impressed with the orders I get here in France from Balsa Cabin, as in the three batches I have so far had, having specified "light" for my 1/16" sheet, it has all been between 7 and 10 lbs/cubic foot.

Colonel; sadly there are no details of the Ajax conversion I mentioned, it was in an "other people's models" item and just comprised a small photo and a brief description, wherein the weight was quoted. I'll measure the rudder and elevator areas on the Witch and let you know what they are as a % of the totals - but I can say now they don't need to be big. Personally I would build the elevator area into the exisiting tailplane outline, and you might also like to consider just making the elevator on one side only - this works fine on these type of models.

13 lbs cubic foot is heavy for the wing ribs, however the main requirement for ribs is to get quarter grain sheet for them - again Balsa Cabin score here in that you can order quarter grain 1/16" and i can confirm that that is exactly what you get. No help to you Colonel as you only need small quantities but a godsend to me, stuck in the model shopless wasteland of rural France!
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