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So I'M meant to be in control?
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Perfectly put, Bob! I agree entirely, and I'm happy for people to pile in with suggestions - I just wouldn't like anyone to be offended when I go my own sweet way to a terrible conclusion!!!

I must admit, your comments concerning the opportunity to fly a lightweight had crossed my mind as well - I think last year, there were only two evenings when I had the opportunity to go up the moor flying and it was calm enough that I thought it would be nice to put up a stick & tissue job..... But as you say, that's not the whole point of the exercise, is it?

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To cheer you up Colonel.....I came across an Ajax built for electric R/C 12 or 13 years ago before we had the benefit of little brushless motors and lipo cells. It weighed 10 ounces, way more than I expect yours will finish up, and flew perfectly well.
10oz? Blimey, that had eaten all the pies hadn't it!! That must have really needed to belt around the sky to stay aloft. I am loathe to have a target weight, as I believe to have a target requires some experience and knowledge - both of which I am sadly lacking. But I suppose I was hoping for somewhere in the region of half of that.

I would like to see a scan of that article if possible - it would be interesting to see things like rudder/fin proportion, and whether the chap used an added strip elevator or an elevator let into the tailplane outline.
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