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Day 3
Monday 11th June
Spent about 3 hours today on the nose section. I added some more curved formers to the section aft of what will be the cockpit and then gave the whole assembly a good sanding. I used a wooden sanding block to ensure I didn't introduce any dips into the formers or keels. There were some minor discrepancies in the assembly that required smoothing but they didn't cause any problems. I thought at this stage a little bit of video would make the nose section clearer to understand.
Depron Vulcan Nose Section (0 min 6 sec)

Skinning will be of 3mm Depron sheeting and to be truthful, I wasn't sure whether I was looking forward or dreading making my first attempt at skinning a structure with 3mm depron.
The 3mm Depron DOES have a 'grain' to it and it curves and smooths better one way than the other. On the stuff that I'm using, the shiny side is on the outside of the curve and the material is more pliable across its width rather than its length (hope this makes sense). With this in mind, I had to be careful when measuring out pieces so as to cut down on wastage. Prior to trying to fold the 3mm around the fuz, I gently rolled the depron over a curved counter top using the palm of my hand, the friction and warmth of my hand was sufficient to make the depron very maleable after only a few minutes.
I used a foam safe contact adhesive to bond the skin to the framework which enabled me to 'roll' the 3mm depron around the framework. I had to slice off the radar dome bump on the underside of the keel to make it easier to roll the skin around. I'll pop it back on once I have finished the skinning. Ok, so it is a fiddly job but worth taking the time as the finished results are incredibly goo. The additional strength that the skin is bringing to the structure is unbelievable! It's very sturdy, surprisingly rigid and generally, lovely and smooth.
So, all told, I'm very pleased with the progress today. I've added a couple of pictures to show progress to date.
I'll keep you posted..........
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