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Originally Posted by thwaitm View Post
I made a video but it was actually impossible to see anything I was doing... anyway, I still can't get it to bind to the Devo 7, in either RANDOM or FIXED ID mode.

I started with a reset RX801 and Devo 8
  1. Plugged BEC into THRO
  2. No bind plug
  3. Turn on TX (using previously checked RANDOM ID model)
  4. Connected ESC power
  5. Waited for bind

From here I proceeded to set a FIXED ID
  1. Select FIXED ID set number (012399) and SETUP
  2. FIXED ID setting completes
  3. Remove power from RX
  4. Turn off TX
  5. Turn on TX
  6. Turn on RX

(Works turning RX on, TX on; TX on, RX on, TX off, TX on, RX off, RX on.)

Next was to reset the FIXED ID, the manual, you and I are slightly incorrect on where to stick the bind plug... for this RX, use the Bind plug in AUX3.
  1. Insert BIND plug to AUX3 (all other locations tested)
  2. Insert BEC power to BATT (other locations not tested)
  3. Turn on TX (Using a RANDOM ID model)
  4. Connect power to ESC
  5. Wait for bind and slow RX LED flashing to confirm reset
  6. Disconnect ESC power
  7. Turn off TX
  8. Turn on TX
  9. Connect ESC power
  10. Confirm bind with RANDOM ID

I tried using the Devo 7 at each critical stage and it was never successful at binding.

So, I confirm that:
1) I know how to set and reset the TX and RX for FIXED ID
2) Both FIXED and RANDOM binding with the Devo 8 works without a problem
3) My Devo 7 FW V0.1A is not recognised AT ALL by my RX801
4) The reset ID bind plug location on this RX is AUX3 (something we'd both missed)

So, again, I re-confirm, my RX801 will not bind with my Devo7.
no it wont,you need the RX802...
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