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You don't need to take the wings/etc off to replace the brick. Like they said, remove the control rods from the rudder and elevator. Then carefully slice through the silicone-like caulk holding the brick in place and gently pry it loose. Just finished replacing mine.

Originally Posted by yurstruly View Post
HELP anyone... i need to replace/remove the a brand new beast's brick that never been flown yet which had a problem with rudder servo and totally locked up.. called HH and they will send me a new brick but the problem is they don't have it in stock and its on backorder.. the beast 3d is also out of stock at this time.

anyway the product support told me its an easy replacement, just "open" it up and remove the "two wires elevator and rudder" then remove the brick and replace everything back in reverse order...

the foolish thing i did is slicing now and removing the half of fuselage and i realized that you cannot removed everything that way but a totally disassemble and that includes the wings and removing all the wires connector! meaning i will ruin a brand new beast aesthetic beauty by the time i re assembled everything plus the time involved..

is there a way "easier than this" to remove the brick?

thanks everyone...

p.s. i bought mine at hobbyzone last week which i believe i bought the "last stock" because after i paid , it automatically become out of stock from their website.. grrrrrrrrr
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