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Here is what it looks like with both wings attached. I put a ty-rap on it for the picture. There isn't much room between the hooks for a spring, maybe 5/8". I could use a socket head screw with a hole drilled through the head and gain a lot more room. Something to think about.

Since there is not much wood in the wing to hold the wing on I don't want to put too much pull on the hooks.The carbon tube spar and the fiberglass rod at the front should only allow the wing to move straight out, so there shouldn't be too much pull required. The extra wood I put behind the spring nuts should help spread the load out, but the rib is only attached at the edge to the Obeche skin. I think the only real wood that is in the wing is at the front and at the trailing edge by the flap hinge where the existing retainers are located. I thought about drilling the retainers out and putting a rod into each hole, then using a screw up from the bottom of each wing into the rod. You can't really get to the retainer location from the hatch to do anything else inside the fuselage.

Another idea is to drill a small hole in the bottom of the each wing into the existing fiberglass rod and put a screw into it. That would hold the nose end of the wing together while the hooks held the back end.
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