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Hi Aero65.

Thank you for the most informative reports on your Guardian testing. I was especially interested to hear how the 3D Direct mode would perform. Seems to me that for an everyday sport or scale flyer, 3D Direct is the mode that would give the most natural feel in flying and yet smooth out most unwanted motions of the plane.

I experimented with three rage gyros in an ordinary sport plane and experienced that same "carve up the sky" sensation that you describe. Very satisfying sense of absolute control. Until I tried a Split S. It was a real heart stopper due to the reduced pitch authority. I thought for sure I'd hit the ground before completing the pullout. Again, your report on control authority for 3D Direct is most encouraging.

One question about the 2D mode that I keep wondering: If you are flying straight and level ("cruise flight") in 2D, and then close the throttle, will the Guardian try to maintain constant pitch attitude ? If so, it seems to me that the plane would slow down and ultimately develop a very high angle of attack while trying to maintain the constant pitch attitude. Ultimately, this could lead to a stall. Have you experimented with this ?

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