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Originally Posted by NitroCharged View Post
Well, to all those who flamed me repeatedly for suggesting there may actually be a problem with the gears on the new Beast, it is with disappointment I must inform you all that Jim's 4th Beast also has the same problem(elevator servo locks up). Luckily he was in a position where he managed to get the Beast back down onto the deck with no damage. I told him how to make it fail - he did - and it did. It's a bur on the gear. If very slowly moved, you can make it catch on the pinion and jam. Cycling the servo fast won't do it a it has enough inertia to pass the bur. You have to do it super slow. It was what caused the last one to fail also as Jim and I pulled the 3rd model apart and found it. Jim's pinion had melted and luckily was still floating around inside the model so inspecting it showed us the events that led to the failure just like DonJuan had experienced. The gear locked but the stronger motor now span within the pinion, heating it up until it was soft enough to fly away.

So, by rotating the gear with tweezers via the nose, we could free it up and it would work again - until you moved the stick really slowly - step by step- until the bur caught in the pinion again. We did this several times to show the fault could be replicated repeatedly.

It appears that the last run of Beasts (or at least some of them) also ended up with servos & bricks from the batch with the QC problem. Word is that along with pulling remaining CC stock, HH has also pulled remaining Beast 3D stock to sort it out. Interestingly, the Gee Bee thread has been pretty quiet regarding servo issues.

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