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Originally Posted by gtfreight View Post
I don't really want a smaller heli than I had before. The general rule of thumb used to be that the smaller the heli, the harder it is to fly, which is why i was looking for something of 30 size or thereabouts but it seems that from my interpretation of what is being said is that a 450 would be harder to control than a smaller model.
I once had a go with a 60 (I cant remember what it was) and found it far more stable than my Mystar30.
I'm totally undecided now. Perhaps I should start a new thread asking for a stable30 size heli for someone who hasn't flown for a long time.

A 450 is not harder to control than a smaller CP heli. It is more difficult to control than a smaller FP heli with a offset self-stabilizing flybar.

I used to fly 0.30 and 0.60 helis but I don't see any need to go back to them. My 0.60 as so stable that I once flew it with the gyro turned off which I only realized once I have landed it. A massive improvement in electronics, especially with gyros and FBL systems meant that much smaller electric helis can feel as stable in the same wind conditions.

Hirobo Shuttles are still available if you want them. But the truth is CPs today are much more powerful than those 10 years ago because almost every brand is geared towards extreme 3D. You will need some time to adjust to these new models. Of course, you can always use tamer settings or get an flight assistant such as a KDS Flymentor to help you.
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