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Staggerflyer, et al.,

Maiden accomplished today. WOW, what a nice airplane!!!!! Two clicks of nose up trim and one click of right aileron trim and it flew straight as could be, like a hot knife through butter, a testament to Great Planes design and my building skills.

On a scale flight, battery was barely warm. Throw in a loop, roll, and a couple of stall turns and it was noticeably warmer, but I wouldn't say it was hot. I'm using the Rimfire 1.20 and for scale flying I never need more than half throttle, using the Xoar 17 x 8 prop that you recommended. Very difficult to slow it down for landing, so I'm just wondering if you tried anything flatter, like a 17 x 6, and what your results might have been?

When I arrived at the field, today, someone else had a new acquisition that was garnering a lot of attention, as well. It was a glow powered 1/4 scale Extra they had bought used and they were trying to get it set up, they forgot to charge their receiver battery, so set about that. While they were doing that I proceeded with the maiden of the Waco. Then they tried to start their engine. After 30 minutes of effort to no avail I dropped in my second battery and bored holes in the sky with the Waco with the flip of a switch. Some time after I was done, they gave up and took the Extra home. I knew there was a reason I went to the trouble to do an electric conversion on this model!

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