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I didn't get the whole project finished due to unplanned family obligations, but you can see where this is going from the pictures.

I would have liked to have the eyebolt a little farther towards the front of the wing, but there is no good way to get there. Plus having it back close to the connector takes up less room in the hatch.

My original idea was to just use a threaded eye screw, but the outside rib is only 2mm thick, so I think it needs to be reinforced some. I put a blind nut with 6-32 threads onto a small piece of plywood that is just able to fit into the wiring connector hole sideways. I put some epoxy on it to keep it from being pushed back into the wing.

I threaded a string through the hole I drilled in the wing, then through the blind nut, through a small washer and then tied a big knot in the string to be able to pull the nut to the hole. I left enough string on the back side of the washer so that I could easily pull the string back out.

I did a dry test fit to make sure everything would work fine, then pulled it back out and put some epoxy on the small piece of wood and pulled it into the wing.

While that was setting up I went to the hardware store to find an eyebolt. They were out of the small one, (they called it 1/8"), so I just made a couple from 1/8" music wire bent into a loop, then threaded the end. These stick out a little farther than I want, so I will probably pick up some commercial made ones at another store later.

I haven't decided if I will use a small spring to hold the wings on or a nylon ty-wrap. I could even use a screw to hold the wing on, but kind of like the idea of one wing pulling against the other rather than pulling on the side of the fuselage.

I will post a picture of the finished product, then let you know how it works out when I get chance to test fly it again.

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