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Originally Posted by DonQ8401 View Post
Ok, We just got the Bixler. We are having two problems. #1 it tends to turn to the left with power and without power. I have my trim setup all the way to the right just to counter the flight. The ailerons are centered and I have the same amount of throw for both of them. I do not understand why it likes to turn left. Rudder is center as well. Ideas?
I have the exact same issue on my Bixler. The plane won't even sit level on the ground, it favors the left side... almost like there's a brick on the left side of the plane pulling it down. Anyways, what I did was use a washer as counterbalance to correct it and it flies perfectly. Please note that this only "masks" the problem, not necessarily fix it. The plane should not be going to either one side to that degree. So, if you find out what it is, please let me know (PM usually works best for me). If you don't find the cause, than at least you can still fly it without worry if you put the washer on the one side. Happy Flying!
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