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Originally Posted by NorCalMatCat View Post
I know my plane has had some wierd tendencies since it's major crash a few months ago, but a bit of tinkering with the linkages and a small amount of trim, now I have mine setup for slow long glide, the way I have my plane is not setup at all for speed, infact unless I am flying in 15mph winds the fastest even at full throttle she will get is maybe 45 to 50km/h, which is not that fast, 30mph ish, she will glide going 9km/h (against wind), usually around 20km/h in good conditions, which is SLOW, theoretically below stall or close to it, in this configuration I have glided 5km with only 150 meter loss in altitude, with some tinkering I COULD get it to fly much faster but at the same time I would lose a lot of lift effeciency, and I personally like more effeciency then overall speed. I'm hoping to break 40m flying time, my current is 27m, I need some more thermal practice I think :P.

When I first FPV'd up my plane I was thinking the Bix would be too heavy to be very effecient for thermalling, but lately I have been learning she thermals amazingly well, the other day I gained 50m altitude within 3 relatively small circles in the thermal, so I know I can use thermals to gain altitude, now I want to see if I can achieve sustained non powered flight, which also means longer FPV flights for greater distances .
Thermals are funny. They always seem to take me up and away (down wind) where I want to go and cause me to use twice the power to get back.

Oh well, it could be worse. I could be as old as aj or as funny looking as Prof.
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