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depends on plane

Hi fuzzy, it depends on the design and location of the wing... for high wing toes like the crusader, e-starter... The c.g is measured from the bottom (normal attitude)

if it's low wing + di-hedral, it is measured with the plane inverted.

low winG + anhedral, normal attitude

high wing+ anhedral, normal attitude,

mid-wings are a little more complicated, I'd suggest following the pictures on the manuals.. if there isn't..

mid wing + anhedral (normal att)
mid wing+ dihedral. (normal att)

If it makes you feel more secure, either way works for all, if you placed the plane in the wrong attitude on it's c.g, you will see that the plane can tip in either direction. (like a see-saw with 2 equal loads at each end).

if the c.g is not on the pivot, it will only want to tip in one direction.
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