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I'm up and running with the internals and the rebuild of the WTC, due to adding the launchers i had to modify some things, pictures.

Adding those launchers trigger a complete event, by shoving the WTC backwards i managed to fit them in.
By doing that i had to modify all connections to the WTC.

First i hooked up the two servo's which control the lauchers seperately.

Replaced the on/off switch and chargingplug to the rear dry part, there was allready a spare rod present for the switch which i used.

Some more items had to move forward, like the connection for fastening the upperpart, the inlet for the pump and the inlet for the ballasttank.

By shoving the WTC backwards i had to shorten the controlrods and propellorshaft.

Placed in the launchers and glued them tight.

Added the toppart to see how much i have to remove from the launchertubes, still have to do that, a job for next week.

A complete view of the modified WTC complete with launchers, i still have to modify some things on the launchers and rebalance the boat.

Greetings Manfred.
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