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Originally Posted by kinetix View Post
Hi Guys,

A few months ago I got enthusiast about multicopters and I decided I wanted to build one. I started reading up to building one, did some tests with Arduino UNO with genuine WM+ and after being satisfied I started building one. I choose to clone one of Warthox's video's since they provide a lot of essential information. The frame is now done for the most part and I am finishing up with electronics.
This is where I run into problems.
I decided to use a divide et impera rev2 board with a arduino mini pro 5V and a freeimu V0.4.3. Installing these parts was straight forward. 3,3v -> 3,3v;SDA ->SDA;SCL -> SCL; GND->GND. I prepared config.h (multiwii2.0) uncommented freeimu 0.4.3 and commented(disable) INTERNAL_I2C_PULLUPS and uploaded it to arduino. So far, so good. When opening multiwiiconf I can connect to the board and start reading imu. But signals show like earthquake and do not respond to any motion of imu. Searching the internet did not help me out. I decided to remove free imu from the board and connected it to an Arduino UNO. After uploading the multiwii to this board I started testing again and freeimu works like a charme.
I investigated some more. I found out that when I'm measuring connections between SCL pin at divide board and A5 pin of mini pro there is no connection. Same goes for SDA and A4. This seems very strange to me since at the arduino UNO these connections are made directly and work fine.
I really feel like I'm overlooking something but I can't figure it out. I'm starting to think ik somehow killed my divide et impera board.
Can someone help me out a little?

Thanks a lot.


you can't measure a connection between the sensor I/O and the arduino I2C pins because there is a LLC in between!
- Pls measure the output voltages of the LDOs (3.3V and 5V).

- Pls measure the voltage level on SDA and SCL (for 5V side and 3.3V side; no sketch loaded); you should measure the respective voltage levels there.

Since your FreeIMU has onboard Pull-Ups you should not enable the 3.3V pull-ups on the DIVIDE (also refer here

Pls report back!
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