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Originally Posted by Gotwings View Post
I am just catching up on posts here, but I had a 2.80# Bix, stock motor with all the other bells and so on (6.5x4 apc, FY31a, 3200 mAh TurNIgy, dragon osd, 540dvi cam pan/tilt, 5.8 Ghz 500 mW TVx...). It went up and 2 seconds later, nose down. This the maiden voyage, I observed in wonder as I was looking at the tail of the plane and the nose, all at the same time. CG set at 65mm from leading edge... thought it felt 'nose heavy' but I stayed with manufacture specs... not sure if pushing main battery back a bit --->CG@70mm would have helped...

and Video... Yeah I forgot to plug that one cable in. My conclusion, stock motor on 11.1V 3S @ 265W with 24-26A at full throttle yields roughly 80Watt/#, on my setup. I didn't get a thrust reading but I am a believer it is not enough. Solution: getting new motor and external adapter to run 8x5 to 10x8 on 4S for testing. Theoretically, 14V batt at 30A will provide over 400 watts on a 1450kV. Will test and find out before trying that again...
Well I was amazed with you capacity to play Tetris! Because I also have the FY-31, also need a video TX, and have almost everything that you have but I needed a bigger pod, in layer's, for all the electronics!
How did you managed to put everything inside, with that pod? Do you have more photos with the inside layout in detail?
I'm thinking seriously about the DOSD, because it's only one unit and I can use PPM, so I will have less cables...
It's OK to have a CG in the 70mm? I'm on the 65mm but I need to had more unnecessary weight to get the plane leveled.

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