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Originally Posted by epoxyearl View Post
I'm making an effort to please you....So much of what goes on in this discussion seems so upsetting to you,that we don't want to further your discomfort.
I am neither upset, nor discomforted. It is a discussion about a proposal for a new forum, what's to get upset about.

You need to stop trying to make things personal. Address the issue in the abstract, rather than on a personal basis.

So let me get this straight-are you comfortable with using laser cut parts,no matter what their origin,in a scratch built model? You answered a question,with a question,which is not definitive.
I'm seeking why anyone would even think it was an issue. It is just a tool. It is akin to asking whether it would be acceptable to use preformed balsa leading edge mouldings, or triangle stock.

Do you or do you not approve of laser cut parts,in a scratch built project? It's not an essay.....Yes,or No will be accepted as a complete answer.
Sorry, I don;t do yes or no answers. I've already described circumstances under which the distinction would be ridiculous and, since the proposal for this forum is for kit and scratch builds then the issue is already moot. If someone wants to call a model built using laser cut ribs that they sent a jobfile off to an agency a scratchbuilt model, or a partkit-built model, what difference would it make? If they cut the ribs themselves with a CNC set up, would that be scratchbuilding? If not, why not, it;s no difference eally than using a scroll-sawI. It;s just a tool.

I get the idea that "purists" are low on your list,yet you're pushing for high standards of compliance in something as simple as a forum application.-I don't have any problem with that.
I'm pointing out the needs for a standard of compliance in a forum application because those standards are clearly laid out in the stickies at the head of this forum and it has been demonstrated that the proliferation of duplicate forums has negatively affected the usability of the forums. It is a recurring theme. Someone comes up with a forum suggestion - typically someone who has only just joined RC Groups - without thinking the thing through or even investigating whether a suitable forum already exists.

In this case the logic also appears to include the element - "Well the foamie lot have their own forum, we should have ours as well" - which ignores the historical basis for how that ended up in that way. The basic forum structure is made up of categorising forums by the model type and function, rather than the construction methods used.

Back in the very early days the original foamies forum was created, because the techniques used were rather different than traditional aeromodelling. All of the other forums were, by default, dominated by traditional balsa/ply builds..

This is not my forum idea.But I do approve of it.I have gone back and reviewed the rules,as you suggested. With your continued help,we'll probably get it right ,eventually. {/quote]

To clarify, the rules that I was talking about being broken, and accruing points, are the rules against personal attacks, trolling and other disruptive and unacceptable behaviour. Nobody is going to get any points for not fully following the procedure for proposing a new forum. The worst that would happen is that the application would be void and may need to be resubmitted/ It is also worth noting that at any time that the management decide that the idea is so good that it can short-cut the process, that can happen, and has, on occasion.

We're trying to lay some ground rules here,so if a point is taken on a particular post,there needs to be a rule to refer to.If some rules are too strict,they can be modified.

So rather than modify rules,we'll do our best to generate plausible ones with what I like to call "flexible boundaries".. We will be allowed to waltz off the path a little to clarify a point,or express an opinion,without it's being pointed out that opinion is not necessarily that of the sponsor.
Again, the forum for what is being described in this proposal already exists and has done for a decade. It is The Builder's Workshop forum.
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