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Originally Posted by Paradise MT View Post
To all my slope flying friends.....

My brother (TIO) and I had an 'angering' experience yesterday upon our visit to Table Top to meet some friends for some flying. As we were driving parallel to TT on the road that leads to the road going up, TIO and I noticed several items reflecting the sun on the north side of the hill near the top. We weren't sure what it was, but when we reached the top, we drove immediately to that location. Upon looking over the edge down the hill we discovered that someone had unloaded nearly a pickup load of garbage over the side....a variety items including several household garbage items and several pieces from some kind of a particle-board cabinet. Bottom line....TIO and I were both grieved and angered that anyone would do that kind of dirty work on someone else's property. In an effort to make it good for all who use that area, and hopefully gain favor with the land owner, we have made a point of picking up other people's beer bottles and cans, and MacDonalds food bags, and various other garbage left behind and hauling it out. Well, to make a short story longer, we loaded up every bit of that garbage in TIO's pickup and hauled it out.

Now, here's the kicker. While we were loading the garbage into TIO's pickup, another individual drove up in his pickup, (I believe an appointment from on high), and asked what we were doing. We explained that we had been flying our sailplanes off TT for years and have always tried to pickup garbage and haul it out each time there, but today was the first time we found an entire dump. turned out that this guy was thee landowner, and he was also upset that someone had dumped their garbage, BUT he was also very grateful that we were picking it up and hauling it out. After a very cordial and friendly discussion about a lot of things, (including his interest in our sailplanes), we asked and received verbal permission to continue flying at TT, (in his words), "especially since we had been, and were picking up the garbage."

On a 'flying' note, the winds were mostly out of the south, which is the worst direction for TT, but we still got a lot of flying in. About 1/2 an hour after our two friends left, the wind totally did a 180 and started coming out of the N/NE. So, TIO and I made a mad dash to the other side and got in some great flying before the sun set.

As I close this lengthy entry, let me ask each one of you who happens to find yourself on Table Top, or any other flying site for that matter, PLEASE make an effort to pack out any garbage you may find laying around. It can only help our hobby and add to it's lasting enjoyment.
Arlen and Wayne,

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR GENEROSITY!!!!! I too enjoy flying there immensely. I would have done the same had I been there, but a huge thank you to you being there and doing what was a most kind gesture and securing this grand place for all of us to continue flying.

My dad instilled in me as a young kid while camping "the only thing you leave behind is your footprints" Words I wish everyone would live by and I am thankful to those that do.

Too bad you couldn't find an address in that trash and turn them in.

Thank you!
P.S. this is the very reason I carry trash bags in my truck.
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