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Hey looks as if the news is spreading about the possibility of the new forum idea..There are good arguments,pro and con.
But you have to realise the basic premise here.....The rules state that we need fifty names of people who have voted yes,before an application is sent to the administrators,with those names.
They will then conduct their own poll,in which at least 75% of the votes must be yes.

The opposition will hope that they can maneuver more than 25% nay votes to prohibit the forums' birth.
We'll hope just as fervently to maintain a 75% positive interest.

I'll interject here,that,it's amazing to see the number of information outlets on RCGroups,and also to see how so many model builders will object to another model builder's plan to share wisdom and experience with said builders.
Especially since we/they seem to have no problem locating the information we/they want.It seems there are different definitions of 'confusion'.What one person navigates easily,another has difficulty finding his way through.Which is exactly what we want to avoid.
I'm not aware of how difficult it was to start an "Airliners"forum,but if they had such opposition,then Kudos are due them..
However-Since they weren't relegated to the "Builder's Workshop" even as they are called builders,directing the next forum there seems to have little merit.
Expanding that theory,ALL BUILDERS should be directed to the "Builder's Workshop", All ARFs andRTFs to a single forum,and all used buyers to a third!

But-that's never going to happen.So putting the Balsa and lite ply scratch and kit builds into it's own forum makes perfect sense...All facets of building from Balsa and liteply,as a scratch or kit build will be at one location.All the forums seem to wander off topic a bit because people are people..and sometimes one thought reminds you of another,which may clarify a point not labelled in the title.

Let's make an example;someone asks for the best glue for laminating plywood,and we say"epoxy"-not in the title,but necessary to the build.-suppose a newbie asks "what's the best way to mix it"?-I 'eyeball it'-others may weigh it to the gram.-Here's where it'll go off topic...."where do I get a scale to weigh it"?
-He has to be answered...we're trying to help him,remember, so threads can go off topic quickly,and innocently.

You and I can deal with that,but the forum policeman is looking for infractions,and now he's upset.So he has to report it....How did this get from builders helping builders,to earning points? I'd suggest that a precedent has been set,that a forum is a general guideline,with flexible boundaries-but I certainly draw the line at women's shoes. G'nite all.
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