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Originally Posted by azure View Post
The Spektrum does the same thing. Basically, after a loss of signal, the receiver will just input the positions that were set on your TX when binding it. I.e., sticks centered, throttle decrease, throttle cut, etc. But now, with NAZA RTH, what will keep the RC receiver from locking out the NAZA, preventing it from flying the RTH profile because it's sensing a signal loss and going into it's own failsafe mode? Sorry for not understanding.
Well the Naza doesn't detect signal loss per se... Your receiver is going to send its failsafe values to the Naza when the signal is lost, and that's what it sees. So the receiver goes into failsafe, sends its failsafe values to the Naza, and the Naza goes into failsafe. If the failsafe value isn't setup right though, Naza won't know to go into failsafe. For example, if your failsafe value on your RX keeps it in GPS mode, then it will stay in GPS mode when signal is lost. At least this is the way I've understood it to be.
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