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Not practical nor economical

Originally Posted by Rusty-Gunn View Post
Over the years I see a lot of postings of people saying something like, "I go with two degrees down thrust and right thrust."
But how do they know it's two degrees, if they say it? Most likely they don't. They're just repeating what every body else says, I'm thinking.
I think it might be nice if a engine mount maker made them with built in thrust angles for various series of planes ie high wing, low wing, etc.
The engine mount is the piece to which the engine is bolted (screwed) on. Then the engine mount is bolted to the firewall.

Just imagine engine mounts made for side and vertical thrust for every model on the market.

High wing monoplanes do not all need the same offsets.
Same for low wings or mid wings models.

It is not practical.
How could an engine mount manufacturer predict the quantity of each model being sold or built ?

The present practice is the most practical and allows the pilot to setup his model according to his style of flying.

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