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Originally Posted by psguardian View Post
I completely agree with eliminating t&e. This SS wire was the only stuff I had access to. I am using an old psu, rail values are as follows

3.3v @ 45a
5v @ 50a
12v @ 22a

I am trying to make two bows to run with this supply, out of the 0.036" SS wire.
A 12"-18" bow, & a 48"-54" bow.

I do have one dimmer dial switch but i'm not sure if it could be used on the low voltage lines?

Nope that's a regulated fixed power supply, so you can't use a dimmer switch at all. You could probably do some adjustment with an "air resistor" -- on the output-- that is coils of wire -- effectively making the wire length longer.

I'll try out a few things on the spreadsheet and get back to you. But .035 is thick wire, and 12-18" is a short bow. That means probably very low voltage to work.

Have you considered the brushed motor ESC route to get variable voltage?

It may be possible to do the smaller bow with dry cell batteries, even. I picked up two D cells at the dollar store for, tyou guessed it, a dollar, and have been thinking about it.

Let's work it out in the spreadsheet as an example. Back in a few.....
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