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hey folks, heres some more pics of the bird, she flies beautifully except for a small cyclic wobble in fast forward flight oe even if theres a decent breeze she will wobble. its only slight, but enough to annoy me. its doing it on both my 600 size multi blade heli's. they both run a beast x gyro, they both run cnc multi blade heads, they both run tf model 600mm semi symmetrical carbon infused blades. ive tried increasing and decreasing cyclic gain, headspeed, loosening and tightening the blades at the blade grip. no joy. so if any champion ou there has any insightful knowledge id be very appreciative!

i saw a clip posted by an apache pilot from the 1st cavalry 101st airborne stationed in afghanistan on a us military blog site of his chopper being spooled up and it had this awesome 1st cavalry shield where apaches normally have the trademark set of teeth painted. it really stood out so i tracked it and the sword and spades emblem used for varios cavalry divisions down from a US military decal site and gave it to my vinyl cutter guy to re-draw. (gotta love iphone screen capture!!)

We also cut out numbers, us army decal, danger decal and various warning decals and the lines and circles painted on the fuselage that are indicators to ground crew.

Then of course, added them which was extremely rewarding i might add. once added i applied my final thick coat of dull coat to protect the paint and decals.

Time to take her out for a spin with her new do!

For the cockpit, I took some images from the net of an apache cockpit, got my self some balsa wood and proceeded to make myself an apache cockpit to the best of my ablitly. this was some of the fun'est 6 hours ive spent building from scratch since i was a kid. great fun. highly reccomended, and if I can do it, ANYONE can.haha

Pilot seat

Pilot Seat & Pilot Console

Pilot & gunner w center console

taking shape


all i need now are instrument panels and pilots. if anyone knows where to find apache scale pilots for 600 size that would be great because i cannot find any.

At the top of this thread, you see a picture of an ugly hughes 500 stock align kit, i hated the color scheme and always intended to paint it, so i stripped her back, primed, added rivet dots, and had decals made up representing my home city "Auckland Scenic Heli" added a 5 blade head and replaced the motor/esc and now shes my dream hughes. heres some shots of my two gals at the airfield...dont tell my wife i call them that.

so yeah, time to find and build a scale blackhawk 600 size. dont tell my wife i said that either!
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