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Originally Posted by Brandigan View Post
I'll bear that it mind when I have a go. If those are the focus options, I guess the centre being in focus and edges less so is acceptable. I'm used to the edges being less detailed after applying an anti-Barrel Distortion filter to GoPro and Contour footage in VirtualDub to get rid of the hideous fish-eye look. It's almost impossible to spot the 'stretched' pixels and the natural reaction is to watch the action in the centre anyway.

Do you think the lenses are actually different, are the components different, or are the chip functions just being applied differently/better in the #16? i.e, is it worth swapping a lens from a #16 to a #18 to get better results?
I can't say with any certainty, but I do know both the #16 and the #18 evolved from the #11 with two co-developers who went their separate ways and developed the two newer cameras. I'm sure the graphics processor IC is identical in all three, and I think (but can't confirm) that the CMOS chip is still the original Omnivision one. But I do know the #16 has changed to a different lens a few months ago, so I'd bet the lenses are different now, and are likely to be different again shortly. As was found with the last lens change in the #16, changing lenses also can change the color rendition. But it APPEARS (NOT confirmed) the #18 now uses the same ribbon cable plug-in CMOS/lens ribbon cable connection, the #16 lens MAY work functionally in the #18. Also, it MAY NOT work at all! It would be an interesting trial.

And of course the FW is vastly different in both in form and function.
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