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Originally Posted by thwaitm View Post
You were telling me how to solve a problem I didn't actually have and then criticising/wondering why I hadn't used your answer to fix my problem and failing to understand that it was not my issue.
Well, that just seems to me to be a clear indication of someone having an issue with the gear, but alas it's alright with me either way. Not wanting to solve an issue straightaway, even with the solution at hand, doesn't mean there is no issue that needs to be solved.

Originally Posted by thwaitm View Post
Earlier in the thread I'll admit that I was rubbed the wrong way by your comments based on a friends experiences and youtube videos that you were right and I was wrong - despite the fact that I had the hardware in front of me and I had tried multiple ESCs, throttle stick, trim and bind plug combinations to get it to work.
I can somewhat understand that, although it does say a lot about your bias towards believing you must have been right from the start where you were basically eliminating other causes by definition. At some point this basically made me doubt whether you actually had the gear and problem or were bashing Walkera.

It still makes me wonder why some people, including my local friend and at least one person on this forum, do achieve a bind with the RX801 without much effort.

By the way, the other things I had suggested where to really figure out whether it must be a pure bind problem or perhaps the ESC causing problems. Did you ever try a second rx801 to bind?

Originally Posted by thwaitm View Post
Eventually, I think I managed to convince you that it wasn't just me being a muppet and that actually my RX801 stubbornly refuses to bind to my Devo 7. But still not really ready to budge on your 'it's all Devo so it must work and you're doing something wrong.' attitude. It wasn't helped by Walkera's lack of consistency of answer either.
To me personally, Walkera has been quite consistent each time though, it should in fact work. I don't know why it doesn't in your case, nor does it make any sense whatsoever for the Devo 7 + RX801 to be special and incompatible. There are still websites promoting the rx801 as being compatible with the Devo 7.
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