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Fail to download


I have a Flyduino Mega V2, which has always been very good.

But lately, I encounter problems when downloading.
When arduino finishes compiling, and will start the actual download (FTDI led blinks very briefly), the flyduino resets, but then reboots immediately, without the download proceeding.
Arduino will freeze, and ultimately timeout. The Flyduino will still have the old configuration.

Sometimes I have to repeat many times (5 or so) before it will load correctly.

I was suspecting the FTDI, but once getting past the initial phase, it downloads fine. Also the GUI always connects fine without problem.

I also notice that when flyduino almost always resets when:
- connect the serial cable
- connect the USB cable
- start the GUI or Arduino (com port initializing).

It did not do this so often before (only very seldom).
It is and always has been very reliable for flying... It never resets when not connected to the FTDI.

Any ideas what could be causing this ?

BTW, I have the power wire from FTDI to Flyduino disconnected (always have done so), and power from the ESC / battery (just like normal flight).
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