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I couldn't disagree more. When you break the plane (beginners ALWAYS break the plane) how do you order parts to fix it? A beginner won't know to change the lousy speed control, tweak the hinges and replace the servos that everyone with a Bixler complains about.

But the worst part is if you break something. So you need a new servo. What do you buy? You and I know. The beginner will be completely at sea.

A MUCH better pick if you want that design would be to buy a Multiplex Easy Star or even better a Multiplex Easy Star II. With both you get a plane with a company that stands behind the plane, offering meaningful warranties. Every single piece of the plane can be purchased from the manufacturer so no crash is unrecoverable.

Your unassisted newbie has enough to worry about. He doesn't have to carry the burden of having an unfixable aircraft. He can spend slightly more and have a Multiplex Easy Star instead of a generic Chinese plane with third rate components, several of which need to be changed out even before the first flight. And the Bixler has no support at all. Get a bad one and the company suddenly can't speak English. If you can get it replaced, you are responsible for shipping the bad one back to China. What are the odds that they will admit receiving it? Something less than zero.

The Bixler is a great choice for you and I, people who know their way around an airframe, have built planes from scratch, have repaired a plane before and can spot a defect in an RTF plane. An unassisted newbie knows none of that and a Bixler will assist him in finding a new hobby only.
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