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Originally Posted by CFIMEI View Post
I'm not necessarily looking for "high speed ballasted acro", I just wanted a larger plane that could do most or all of what my 1 meter Bobolink can do without the wings bending severely or breaking. I have never used ballast but this thing is a slug without it. Maybe even with it it might not be very snappy, I don't know. In your demo vid you note that it's being flown without ballast which, I would conclude, implies that it can be flown with some. This is obviously not true!

So what kind of rebate do I get for having bought the wrong plane without any knowledge that the "right plane" was next in the pipeline??

Hi Richard,

There are always new models in development, and the Speedo manufactures are quick to knock them out. The Speedo Pro is not getting replaced by the new molded version it is in addition for the pilots that do want to do full ballast runs and higher speedo acro. I personally love my built up 1.43 speedo pro, and it is the exact type of flying i like to do. You can still ballast the built up version and get it going faster you just cant pull on it as hard.

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