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Originally Posted by denvoyager View Post
Is this all DC or AC? I have a 240volt sytem and a transformer that takes it to 12v AC. Can I use this for the bow,or do I need something else, I have a dimmer switch.
Really,a wiring diagram would be good,any ideas where I can get hold of one? Terminology seems to be a problem, using household stuff especially is different across the pond!
There are probably a hundred wiring diagrams for bow power supplies floating around. Just do a little searching. This thread is focused on using a spreadsheet calculator to determine what bow you can run with your supply., and what size wire that setup would take.

My CNC wire is AC and manual bow Is DC. The spreadsheet seems to be usable for both, though technically there is a small difference. Since most homemade power supplies are variable, rather than fixed voltage, the diference isn't very important.

If your output is 12 V AC, you could put a variable control on the mains side of it -- I use a router speed control. from Harbor Freight. Some people use light dimmers.

As mentioned above, you need to know what the rated amperage output of your transformer is, then put that and the voltage into the spreadsheet to determine bow size and wire size -- presently, stainless steel wire is the only type calculated for.
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