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Originally Posted by LifeisGood View Post
Yes, it's. We lost contact a few years back after they moved his station from Israel to UAE. I hope he's okay though. I got two of his gulls way back destroyed one and my 2nd one was full carbon, good thing I waited while waiting for him to send me 3 more but he said he could not find epoxy and other stuff over at UAE so he stopped making them, at the time, he was in the process of making a bigger version of the gull but I have not heard from him at least two years. Meanwhile, I used my last one as plug made my one version of the body and the wing profile molds with a bit simplified lighter full carbon wings. My molds are kind of simple not made for full production but I was able to crank out 6 sets of wings, very light but extremely fragile. I found out my wing flies better than his due to I reduced quite a bit of weight on mine. I figured my molds can crank out 3 more sets of wings. I may use his body to make my profiled flapper on some later dates, who knows when.

I hope he still around and I want to get my hands on one of his bigger gull.
LIG, thank you for the answer .I know that you are the only specialist and proud owner on this beautiful gulls between us the ornithopterists so that's way I asked you. IMO this gull is one of the best replication I have seen.I will try to find another RC gull glider video, made from some guy from South Africa which is very good , looks very natural as well and flies beautifully .I will post the video here if can find it. Do you succeed to get one the french gulls?
I like your idea to use the body like the base for new ornithopter and you probably can use some of Kinkade's mechanics and just will have to make new more suitable (elastic) wings.This will be an beautiful flapping bird.
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