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The way I figure it.....if'n we ever do get to amass in great numbers........a good sized pig will a belly full of apples and spices on a hardwood fire......basted all day (when we're out flying) with a mixture of chokecherry wine and pin cherry jelly...MmmmMmmmm. Course for any T_ _ _taholic with an aversion to pork.......there'd be beef and chicken even! (Sorry Kerwin, I never serve fish to the masses.) The way we do it up here is we get a few ol washtubs, nestle a barrel of beer in a mound of ice in each.....and set them to chillin'. While the beer gets ice crystal cold......there would be of bottled beer to get us through. I'm not much on sides.......a plethora of meat, cold beer, maybe some slaw or pickles that'd about do it....course I wouldn't berate a guy if he chose to add some ethnic flare.....say a big heapin' pot of Jambalaya......or a platter of smoked bear, deer, or elk! I big roarin' fire to keep the pestilence at bay, but that's me dreamin' again........a guy does a lot of that when his head is in the clouds all day.
snowman is online now Find More Posts by snowman
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