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[takes polite, but stupid-me, bow ....]

In my defense, the culprit was my last "ally" in the factory at the time, and HIS American "mentor", that factory's USA salesman, was still mad at me for being involved with my own contract negotiation, and would have killed, or anyway not pushed, the item on Wal-Mart if he knew I was behind it. So I reasoned that it was a nice toy that wouldn't otherwise reach the market if I fought it out [factory owners said "you guys fight it out", not our problem]. And my main goal was to convince the factory owner to be a partner in other ventures, incl. MY own airplane they had stopped working on, instead going gung-ho on the Ultralite.

OF COURSE, although my decades or creating mass-mkt toys (for large US-based international companies) indicated this was exactly the kind of stupid nonsense the masses like [S. was supposed to be a 50-50 partner on flying toys, w/ me doing the physical part and he the electronics, though all he did was buy a small hobby R/C unit! I had to argue with him for a half-hour that it was marketable .... AND take the video of it which went to Wal-Mart with no mention of moi, ] .... if I had any clue as to how popular it would be, certainly WOULD have fought.

Anyway the episode gave me inroads to Spimaster, and I made further money with the factory owner as partner. But not close to what the others made from my nicely working UFO toy concept, and not close to what the rip-offs made [if I'd been officially in the loop, I would have insisted they take out a registered copyright for the much-copied mold form!].

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