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Originally Posted by Watdazit View Post
Sorry guys a couple of more questions if I may.

Aeromaniac Talked of a 12 x 8 x 3. What does the 3 signify.

When I visited the LHS today I was told I have to use, for example, a 12 x 8"E "prop. This being a prop specifically for electric. No one has mentioned them in this thread. The "E" prop specifically says not to use on nitro. The props without the "E" do not say do not use with electric. Do I have to use an "E" prop?
No, but you'll probably do better with the e prop, and they have neat locating rings that centre them very well on electric motor prop adapters, which mostly aren't the 1/4 shaft of a glow engine.

the 3 represents 3 blades. Generally used where you just like 3 bladers, or diameter is a limit and you want a bit more blade area to absorb some more power - do a comparison in ecalc to see the difference.

btw, which LHS from Braidwood?
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