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Dan's Outstanding PPM Converter - HK to Spektrum

This old thread has died somewhat, in part, I think, because a lot of the initial excitement of having HK DSM2 compatible bricks was severely dampened by the poorly written HobbyKing "manuals" (I use the term very lightly). Additionally, the cumbersome method of having to use the module with a satellite receiver has at best been described as clever, but Micky Mousy.

Well, Dan Scharlach has come to the rescue with his marvelous little PPM Converter -- it makes it all good! You can see Dan's description here and in his blog .

I hooked up a DX6i (DX8 to follow) - no problems at all. Following Dan's clearly laid out (simple) directions, the only actions required are to attach the Converter's two power leads to the transmitter's battery, and to plug the converter into the module and to the transmitter's Trainer port .

Dan's Converter really simplifies the Spektrum to HK supermicro protocol by eliminating: the need for a separate battery for the HK module; and the need for a satellite receiver (along with the accompanying need to rebind the satellite if switching to another model in model memory).

In my DX6i, stored settings (like saved trim settings) are transmitted through the trainer port, so it's a piece of cake to switch models: Turn transmitter on and select the model you want to fly, then turn it off; power up the receiver; plug Dan's Converter into the trainer port; press module bind button to bind the receiver; fly...! (note that SW 5 on the HK module has to be OFF for the Converter to function properly, vice it being ON when using the HK protocol. All other module programming switches work per the HK "manuals").

The small one time expenditure of $16 (shipped) for Dan's Converter is a bargain (especially since you don't need to purchase a satellite receiver).

Gene K
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