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Yippee! GENS ACE iMARS Charger Back in Stock!!

Pilots! We finally got our latest Gens Ace iMars Charger back in stock! The iMars charger has a sleek and modern design which is perfect to store anywhere! The iMars is touchscreen and is user friendly. Here are some key features:

-12-15V DC power supply:50 Watt output power
-Microprocessor control
-Easy four bottom program control
-Charging and discharging over the 4mm main connectors
-Balancing over the balance cable XH
-12 data memories
-1-16 NiCd/NiMh delta peak adjustable(mv)
-1-6 LiPo cells
-1-6 LiFe cells
-2V-24V Pb batteries
-Charge current 200mA-5A (50W limit)
-Timeout limit: the charging stop automatically after a preset period of time.
-3 different charge modes for LiPo and LiFe batteries:
Storage (50%) , Fast charge (1/10C) and Full charge (100%).
-Adjustable discharge Cut-off voltage for LiPo , LiFe , Pb , NiCd , NiMh batteries.
-All settings visible on the 2 x 16 backlight LCD screen while charging.
-Adjustable end of charge voltage for LiPo and LiFe batteries.
-LiPo Recovery mode :enables to recover low voltage LiPo and LiFe cell.

New Gens Ace iMars Slim Battery Charger Review (9 min 18 sec)

Exclusively available at
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