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I fried a li-ion pack with my mkII tonight, it was a 2cell pack I made up from cells I bought at electronic goldmine dot com. I think the mkII overcharged the pack, they where in a coffee cup with an identical pack that was being charged on an appache when the pack swelled, vented catching fire with one cell rocketing across my shop. it sounded like a model rocket taking off and filled my garage with smoke, luckily it went in the opposite direction of a large pile of balsa wood and stopped on the concrete floor where it burned off the rest of the chemicals. I could have lost my garage and house if I had not heard it and it had went the other way, I had a phone call and had just stepped out of the room for a few minutes when it happened. it was a partially dishcharged pack, does anyone think maybe the charger thought it was a 3 cell? the other pack ended up a victim, it had charged but was hot enough to melt the heat shrink off it and one of the blown up cells was stuck to it. broke the coffee cup too. well the cells only cost 1.50 each so I'm not out much.

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