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Originally Posted by SoulxCatcher View Post
....Yeah so, my question for you guys, should you choose to help me, is how to maximize the effectiveness of this design.

I can build it from scratch. But some of you guys know far more than me about this kind of stuff.

Any ideas on how to take this half retarded looking ufo and turn it into a effective rotor of doom?

Huzah to my first post on this forum.

Actually I conceived the initial design for what later became the Vectron Ultralite, from which VERY many rip-offs ensued, some better, some worse.

I know exactly how it works.

As a Physicist and Engineer, I helped Spinmaster, the major distributor who brought the original to North America, win an important legal case, since the person working in the same Chinese factory as I at the time, who claimed it as his in my absence, had no real understanding of how it actually functioned, and in fact then took out a later patent incorporating what I instructed Spinmaster.

So of course I know what would make the production design, the molds of which were more or less exactly copied to make the myriad illegal ripoffs [Karma for "theft"?], more efficient.

I wish you Good Luck
[that is unfortunately all that I am willing to offer at this time, sorry ....].

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