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Wandering round the forums, and chanced across your thread by accident. Wish I had found it earlier.
I have been messing with helicopters for a while, and have amassed quite a fleet. However, my interest has always been in the mechanical side rather than the flying.
I am at the stage where I can hover out complete packs and move around a bit, but there I seem to have reached a barrier.
Mostly self taught, with a few tips picked up from the forums, but reading your intro has shown me a complete new way of doing things, can't wait for the wind and rain to die down so I can give it a try.
Echo your thoughts in the title '3d is not for everyone'. I get so frustrated when every new model on the market is reviewed for its 3d capabilities,
TBH, even watching 3d leaves me a little cold. Always felt I could do the same thing by getting the model into the hover then switching the transmitter off, lol.
Anyway, if still available, I would like a copy of your book.

Couple of things to ask.

Like many, I suppose I always associated Idle Up with a 3d set up. I did try with my 450Pro a while back, but I could never decide how to handle the transition from Normal mode.
Finally decided to try, and see what happens. Result was a loud thud, but happily only a small repair bill.
Looks like your system will make that a lot less painful.

Also, I note you recommend, in case of difficulty, hitting throttle hold rather than slamming down collective.
I always set my throttle hold to zero, so I can play with the controls without the motor bursting into life.
I assume your advice still holds good for this case?
Also, I fly JR, which has a completely separate pitch curve for throttle hold mode.
Can I assume this curve is set to the same as the Idle Up curve, so that cutting the throttle lets the model settle gently using the inertia of the blades?

Thanks again for your advice, and for giving me the impetus to overcome this barrier.


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