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For what its worth don't. I fly both quite a lot and the Radion is a much better thermal ship than the Radion Pro. On several occasions I have had the ailerons lock up while in a nose down attitude due to wing flex. Once causing me to roll into the ground. Cost me a new fuselage. I went back and did the same thing at altitude and danged if it did not do it again. Pulled throttle and brought the nose up and all was well. Got to looking and the flaps and ailerons would touch under g load. Other than the lighter motor on the Radion which is still plenty good for normal flight I prefer that over my Pro. On the Radion Pro I do like the flaps and I use a Go Pro camera mounted under one wing and the ailerons allow me to easily adjust the trim due to the camera mounted off the center line. It is your choice but I've been at this game for over 50 years and been there and done it many times. Follow the "KISS" principle and all will work out. KISS = Keep it simple stupid. ed
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