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Originally Posted by saucisse View Post
Well because the stick inputs are not on the same side...

For the rc transmitter/radio calibration, you need to do this only the first time use are using your radio/new rx with the aq board.

Remove all props, power the radio then power the aq board.
Throttle completely down, all other sticks other words, lower the throttle and do not touch anything else. Be sure all the trims are also centered. Then press and hold the button on the aq board until the blue LED comes back.

For sensor calibration ( I'm doing this to every to every pack), power the radio, then power the aq board, give full throttle and full rudder left, hold until the blue LED comes back on. Throttle down and let go the rudder input.

That is it
Thank you saucisse,
I have been doing the Transmitter calibration correctly, it seems that a lot of people that I have read from are confusing this calibration as a Throttle calibration & think that it records throttle stick position only, saying that the Throttle needs to be center or High & them lowered before pushing the button.

I know how to do the sensor calibration, my question was whether the calibration that can be done in the GUI is exactly the same as the Calibration you do with the TX (ie Throttle Up, Rudder Left)?
Mine doesn't need to be done every time I change pack, I just do it once before I go out flying.

I don't use any trim, I have just checked & you shouldn't need any trim, if it is drifting you simply re-calibrate the level.
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