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Originally Posted by jj604 View Post
I know I wasn't supposed to read this but for those who are interested in the question there's bit more info in my post here

In summary 4x HXT900's stalled pull just under 2.5A.

All the 3A UBECs I tested could actually deliver 3A continuously but a lot of them got very hot at that current. None actually failed, but after 10minutes at 3A some were well over 80C (180F).

So in practice you aren't going to have problem with a 3A switched BEC on a Bixler/Skysurfer since the chances of running 4 servos stalled for 10 minutes AND staying airborne are zero for other reasons I would think.
Ah. Got it. That is what I was wondering. My question was supposed to be -> If I had a heat problem with an external linear BEC, would an external sBEC minimize or stop the heat problem. If I am reading your post like you wrote it, it appears that the heat problem would still be present. Am I reading your post correctly?
In my experience of installing sBEC's, the BEC "seems" to be cooler compared to other linear BEC's. As stated before, I have yet to an sBEC vs linear BEC controlled experiment to see what difference there is in heat and and amp draw, voltage differences.
I started out looking at this situation as an off topic discussion. However, if there is a huge difference (like the sBEC running cooler) in our Sky Surfers/Bixlers, I think it would be well worth a Page #1 posting. So, any input (tests, experiments, accurate numbers on the SkyS/Bix) would be appreciated. Full credit to the pilot will be given on page #1. TIA
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