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Originally Posted by Eagle202 View Post
I agree that a P51 or for that matter just about any of the old war birds will easily stall.

I can testify that the SS can and does stall even with the wing dihedral. It will also recover from a stall better than most planes. You just have to learn to override your internal desire to power out of the dive and just let the plane's natural gliding ability to do the work.

It took me at least 2 OS stalls crashes to learn not to panic.
ANY airplane will stall if the pitch authority or flight dynamics are sufficient to cause the wing to exceed it's critical AOA. What it does then is a function of many factors. Airfoil section, wing loading, g, wing geometry, wing twist (washout/washin), Reynolds Number, wing stores present or not, and maybe several other things I'm forgetting. Dihedral has no affect on stall. The only recovery procedure is to decrease AOA. That is done primarily by decreasing elevator input (even to full "down" as required) or by increasing power (airspeed).

What's an "OS stall"? I'm not familiar with that term.

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