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Originally Posted by FLAME747 View Post
Al - I see myself using mostly the 2D mode for wing leveling,
To keep is simple let say a gain of
70% for pitch
60% for roll

Works well at slow speeds 1/4 throttle, as we all saw in aero's video the moment he increased speed, his plane started to oscillate, due to too high of a gain for the higher speed

Hence the need for a slider or knob to control the gain
Now coming back to the values I've listed above
Is it safe to say that if the gain control knob/slider is at 100%, that would be 100% of 70% pitch, 60% roll, and if the dial is adjusted while the plane is inflight to let's say 50% then the pitch would be reduced to 35%, and roll to 30% ?

I am pretty sure most users will probably have no use for various or adjustable gain, so for them it should be a rather straight forward process, of set it and forget it

Any idea if E/T will be releasing the manual early



Think of the gain this way. If you don't plug the gain lead into your receiver, then the pots on the guardian set your individual gains for pitch, roll, yaw. Next if you plug the gain lead into your receiver, then think of that channel as a multiplier / divider with the neutral point (ie multiplies pot gains by 1) being somewhere between 40 or 50 % of channel travel.

This means that with your dial at or just below the midpoint of the channel - you would be flying at what the gains dictated by what the pots have been set too. As you increase the gains from this neutral point, then you start multiplying the individual roll, pitch, and yaw gains by an ever increasing amount. The opposite happens when you decrease the knob below this neutral point. then the individual gains are divided by an increasing number until zero gains. The nice thing about this is that if you set your pot gains well so that your average flying is really good at that level, then you are only making minor adjustments on the dial around this neutral centre point for example reducing it somewhat for very high speed, or increasing it slightly for landing etc

Think of the pots then as setting up the ratio of pitch, roll, yaw gains, and the dial as a multiplier.

There are multiple other options and approaches. For example, you can correctly set the pot "ratios" for roll, pitch, yaw, but have their overall level lower (or higher) than you want, then the knob/dial would be more important in selecting the desired gain during flight and the "neutral point" of the knob/dial can correspond to something other than if the pots were set for "perfect" flight - lots of options based on your preference.

Also if you discover that your gain (channel travel) for normal flying is X, and for high speed is Y, you can put your gain on a two position switch and use the endpoint of the channel to correspond to the level of the dial you had found for the two flight modes!!

Let me know if I can help further in a specific example

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