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Successful V1/2 Maiden!

Thanks Sub.

Big day today: successful (re-)maiden!

This one was dedicated to Maj. Bong, and of course to RGS, Sub, and everyone else on this thread who helped me get her flight worthy.

After the first attempt a few weeks ago lasted all of 5 seconds due to reversed ailerons I fixed her up, checked everything 5 times, and made this one count.

Today had gorgeous blue skies and gentle 5-10mph winds so ducked out of work for a fly.

Knees weak, fingers jittery, mouth full of cotton, pointed her into the wind, ran up to full throttle and off she went.
Only had to add a bit of down elev (cg about 65mm from leading edge of wing root) and a few clicks of aileron and she was tracking straight and level.

What a sweet flier! Mind you I'm coming from about 30 minutes on a micro T-28 and 5 hours on Clearview Sim, so I'm far from experienced.

Ran through four 3s-2200mAH batteries, each ending up after ~4 minutes in the air with ~11.3V left.

First 3 landings were smooth and touched down on the paved runway, but came in a bit crooked so ended up in the grass (upgraded nose wheel held up of course, and stock V1 rears did also). Finished by totally greasing the 4th dead nuts straight in the middle of the strip so was able to turn her around and taxi back, which was the icing on a very sweet cake.

On the second flight did a few quick barrel rolls. 3rd flight did more with a bit of straight inverted flight, and threw in a loop for good measure. I'm using less than 1/2 the full throws on the elevator and ailerons and she's still quite nimble IMO. Had the D/R set on 70%, 85% and 100%, expo 30. Middle setting for elev and ailerons was more than snappy enough for my first 4 flights.

Onboard video from the HD Keychain cam is a bit jittery (just taped it down with shiny clear tape), but neat nonetheless.

Can't wait to go back up. What a great feeling!

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