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[QUOTE=ajbaker;21794653]. The BEC is what usually causes the heat build up because the resistors inside the package (BEC+ESC) are used to drop the ~12v to ~5v for servo use.
For someone who claims to have an EE degree and has taught basic and advanced electronics for over 15 years, the above statement must be a joke on your part, right?
Even then, those resistors (inside the package - you cannot see them without taking off the cover) will still get hot just sitting there. The easy solution for this is to use switching ESC (actually, the BEC portion). Your stock BEC (inside the ESC) is called a linear BEC - hence the resistor(s) for a voltage drop. The switching BEC does not use resistor(s) to drop the voltage. I know, this is getting too technobabbly. I apologize. Forget all that crap above.
Oh yes, it is definitely getting to be too "technobabbly" because it's pure nonsense on your part as to how the BEC portion of an ESC operates. I would suggest to you, that if your going to answer a post, at least have a working knowledge of the subject being discussed. Linear and Switching regulators should have been covered in the basic electronics classes you taught for 15 years, were you asleep?
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