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Originally Posted by jdlilfan View Post
Bad news for me. I attempted to maiden this spring with someone assisting me in handlaunch and the plane just nosed dived right out of the guys hands into the ground. Nose got busted up and broke the plywood wing mount. Got it all back together and decided it would be best to maiden at a lake since I would have a super long runway to work with.

Went to remaiden this weekend. Saturday night was dead calm, all the boats had cleared off the lake, and the water was glassy smooth. Did some taxi tests and the props kept catching water and gurgling. I had seen this before though in youtube videos of the plane and it seems like the plane will end up powering thru it. Decided to fly it. Started the takeoff run, props were gurgling here and there, started to power out of it and get on step. Plane started to look light and take flight. Then all of a sudden as it was starting lift, it just dug into the water nose first, and then flipped over onto it's back!

I just stood there stunned for a minute! I couldn't decide to swim out and get it or run up and grab my kayak (which was stored away behind a shed). Decided to kayak and it took several minutes getting out out and carrying it down the steep shore. By the time I got out there, water was seeping in and it was starting to sink! It was sitting pretty low in the water. The motors were beeping and twitching. I unplugged the battery and got it to shore.

I let everything dry and decided to power up the plane and see what the damage was. Servos all seemed to work fine but the motors were twitching and the right ESC started smoking within 30 seconds. Unplugged everything quickly and luckily no fire. Battery was a turnigy 2200mah and it seems to be fine.

I guess the motors and esc are toast. I will see about getting new ones eventually. Really bummed at what happened. I'm still not really sure what had caused it? Im thinking maybe cg was too far forward although I balanced it at the recommended spot. I installed extra velcro and the battery couldn't really move? I had added up elevator to keep the nose up on takeoff. I am running 3 blade props and my other possible explanation is that I was rolling on the power smoothly and by the time I got to full power, due to the high placement of the props/motors, the change in torque, p-factor, and power, added to the nose in, downward motion. Maybe I need more throw on the elevator?

I had plenty of power. Using the rc-timer 1400kv motors 2212-10's. Using 8x4 3 blade GWS props. Full throttle and the plane will pull out of my hands. Running counter rotating. Detrum 30amp ESCs. 9g HXT900 servos all around (the water proof claim seems to be holding up well). 11.1v 2200MAH battery.
Your motors should be fine. I have dunked mine many times w/ no problems. After dunking your electronics you should let them dry for days though, or, even better, force dry them with a heater fan on low power before trying to connect the battery again.. BTW - Did you apply Corrision X on your ESC's? That may have saved them if you had!

I use those same motors in mine although I run 3-blade 7X4 props. The 8" props on that motor I think may be drawing more current than should be. The side benefit is with a 7" prop, they will be less likely to hit the water. I also noticed with this plane it needs a fair amount of up elevator and from 80 to 100% throttle to ROW quickly and cleanly. Just my 2 cents. Good luck on the next flight!
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