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Thought about the uncontrolled verticals and realized its caused by too much elevator travel. Rebuilt F-4 all perfect again. Lowered bat tray so now I can fit cockpit/pilots AND 7S 5000s.
Elevator reduced to 2mm more than mid rates and 10%expo. Max flaps set to mid rate.
4th flight 6S. Wow flys so much better with no weird verticals now I got something I can work with.
Elevator still lagging behind my inputs but very flyable. Land no flaps, no problems.
5th flight. 7S 5000s, 0% expo, Elevator pretty good now ,would prefer a quicker initial response though..
7S is fast, seems a tad slower then my same setup H32 but not sure. One diving downwind blast was well over 150mph though. Aileron expo increased from 10% to 20%made them less twitchy.
Nose wants to point up in turns somewhat, I used some rudder to help it turn better. I didn't have any differential setup on it. Next time it will.
Full flaps set at midrate for landing...not at all effective, will increase to 13mm. However the ailerons worked better. Watch out for much reduced aileron effect with flaps down.
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